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The Future of Work is WYBRID.

There is no turning back to the pre-pandemic workplace structure. Work, workers, and workplaces are evolving. Organisations are rethinking collaboration, productivity, and work-life balance while navigating new ways of working. While a hybrid work style has many advantages, the switch is undoubtedly challenging.

Corporations need to take action right away to develop happier and less stressed employees, repurpose the use of physical spaces, and adopt a sustainable approach.

Here is where Wybrid has stepped in. Through a new lens and fresh perspective, we are reimagining and reorganising the workplace and ‘work’ space. We are a technology-first work solutions company and an aggregator of co-working spaces. We are on a mission to collaborate with corporations and ease their transition to a hybrid work model with agility. Our super-app is a unique platform that unites business owners, independent workers, and space owners under one roof. We leverage technology to give employers the choice to manage their workforce conveniently and inexpensively. Our in-depth analysis of hybrid work models enables businesses to find solutions that meet their requirements.

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Our Mission


The pandemic has irrevocably altered the workplace. Today, the word "office" can refer to flexible workspaces that resemble the traditional office building, desk, and collaborative environment. As an aggregator of co-working spaces, we provide enterprises that embrace a hybrid work model with options for flexible work arrangements to match these needs. These are conveniently located across cities, from Kashmir to Trivandrum.


What makes a workplace work for you? Apt technology that is tailored to the needs of your company and its employees, ensuring structure and consistency across offices, across locations. Seamless connectivity between devices and wireless networks. No more frozen zoom screens or inaccessible timesheets hereon. Offices place a high value on collaboration and effective communication. Our technology and certified workspaces offer just that.


We believe innovation, adaptability, and environmentally responsible practices will shape the future of work. Our key strengths are solutions built on AI-powered cutting-edge technology, data analytics, and in-depth operational insights that help businesses and employees. adapt to a hybrid work environment. Anywhere they go, we help them succeed.

Princy Goyal, Founder

An innovator & a trailblazer, our founder, Princy Goyal, is on a mission to ‘Re-Inspire The Workforce of India’.

The pandemic forced us to slow down, think and reconnect with ourselves. It was Princy’s sense of innovation and entrepreneurship that compelled her to look at the future and discover an opportunity to change the face of work for eternity. Her background in founding and expanding one of the first co-working spaces in the nation, Kontor Spaces, aids her expertise to lead Wybrid, a co-working space aggregator, in the Indian market.

Wybrid has the potential to significantly and measurably alter future hybrid work models. Wybrid covers every aspect of business, including financial gains, environmental concerns, and employee work-life balance.

Her aim with Wybrid is to craft an exceptional hybrid work experience ……….(for work and workers at the workplace).

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What we bring to the table?


30+ team members


80+ years of real estate enterprise sales


40+ years of co-working operations & sales


100+ years of technology, architecture, design & development

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