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40% of emissions come from real estate.

It is time we transitioned to sustainable workplaces.

6 lengthy commutes per employee can be cut down with a hybrid work model.

Save energy, time, money and the environment.

7% of an Indian’s day is spent commuting to work.

Let’s embrace the 15-minute city concept.

76% of workers state that a shorter commute will help fight the climate crisis.

Shape hybrid strategies around productivity, not location.

75 % of all global energy consumption occurs in cities.

Join the global megacity network devoted to combating climate change.

The pre-pandemic way of working is no longer possible. When business was at a standstill, we observed a change in the environment. Environmental degradation, noise pollution, and air pollution have all drastically decreased.

Our actions today will determine whether or not our cities, towns, and the environment will have a prosperous future. The goal of C40 is to halve urban emissions within the next decade while enhancing the quality of life, fostering resilience, and nurturing an environment that allows everyone to thrive.

Wybrid fosters the same vision and is taking a step towards helping businesses move towards a hybrid work model in an ecologically friendly way. The decreased employee commute will result in fewer vehicles on the road, reducing harmful emissions and noise pollution, while improving air quality. Additionally, employees gain from improved work-life balance as well as time, money, and energy savings.

You can save our planet too.

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77% of business executives agree that hybrid work will reduce carbon footprints.

Combating the effects of climate change one city at a time.

Through strategic adaptation and mitigation, the Mumbai Climate Action Plan is increasing resilience to tackle the challenges of climate change.

Wybrid, too, is working towards mitigating the harmful impact our current working models have on the environment and our lives. We are fostering enterprise resilience to thrive while being ecologically conscious by helping businesses adapt to a hybrid work model.

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The Wybrid work model can significantly reduce your workforce’s combined daily carbon footprint.