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REDUCE annual outflow by ₹ 50,00,000+

Be smart & save while incorporating a hybrid work model.

INCREASE revenues by 18%+

Ready-made space management tool, CRM & structured insights.

GROW your business by 3X

Hyper-local leads, anchored enterprise clients, and a 30% uptick in sales.


No more vacant desks! One App for everything hybrid.

  • One Super App for all your hybrid work management needs.
  • Offer an intuitive client app with smart UI & UX, analytics across multiple venues.
  • A streamlined booking experience, easy employee tracking, and intelligent space management.
  • Gain a proprietary aggregation tech, connect with enterprise clients and convert hyperlocal leads.
  • Access free lifetime control for teams with in-built smart CRM functions.

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Reduce gestation periods. Increase client acquisition.

  • Verified database of corporate customers, entrepreneurs, property developers, and more.
  • Income assurance from long-term rentals and anchor enterprise customers.
  • Reduce time spent on client acquisition and contract management.
  • Better customer retention as a result of the Super App's capabilities and ease of use.


Measure the ROI of Serving Great Coffee to Your Staff.

  • A built-in CRM to manage customers, contracts, real-time insights, and more.
  • Gain in-depth statistics on future trends, demand curves, analytics, and domain developments.
  • Offer clients data on employee work hours, operations, productivity, and ROI.
  • Manage spaces across locations to ensure and achieve service standardization.

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Increase frequency of acquisitions by 30% or more.

  • Optimize revenue with repeat hyperlocal bookings from hybrid-working enterprise clients.
  • Get a hassle-free, all-inclusive, simple invoicing system to reduce invoice management issues.
  • Guarantee monthly revenue flow with anchored enterprise clients and repeat business.
  • Offer excellent customer service via the app with easy-to-track customer complaints and resolutions.


Be a part of the change!

  • Get accredited for being a Green Co-working Space, increasing visibility and growth.
  • Be a part of an ESG initiative by C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group and Mumbai Climate Action Plan.
  • Gain ESG benefits as a Green Initiative solution provider.

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