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Customised work solutions

We are an aggregator of co-working spaces with solutions that strike a balance between the needs of work, workers, and workplaces in a hybrid work environment. Have fully equipped, smart offices in every corner of every Indian city at the equivalent price of one satellite office. No exorbitant overheads, no maintenance costs.

Just happy employees, happy clients, and productive businesses.

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Hybrid at work? WYBRID at play.


Teams can access any office space in a 15 mins radius of their residence/current location whenever and wherever using one membership.


Manage remote teams and their multiple work environments seamlessly from one dashboard.


One membership fee to access standardised workspaces for a distributed workforce.


Huddle spaces for employees and clients to connect & collaborate in person, across locations.


Full-fledged, furnished offices with business-grade wifi, and technically-equipped meeting rooms.


Flexibility to work from anywhere ensures happy employees, higher productivity, & talent retention.

Wybrid Super App

WYBRID’s Super App is the first of many technological solutions that assist your organisation to seamlessly shift to a Hybrid work model. Simplify the complicated tasks of managing a geographically dispersed workforce. With flexi-workspaces designed to match your corporate environment, offer your employees the choice to plan their own flexible work adventure.

Say goodbye to inefficient work environments, a lack of corporate culture, stalled Zoom sessions, unsecured networks, and employee isolation.

Get future-ready with WYBRID’s SuperApp.

One platform for all things ‘Work’!

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Plan your workday

Pick Your Location
Book a Desk
Schedule Meetings
Find a Teammate
Catch up with Clients
Work Smart!

Plan your workforce

Manage Remote Desks
Ensure Quality Workspaces
Reduce Overheads
Retain Talent
Boost Productivity
Win Win!