Cancellation of Inventory by Dedicated

Cancellation of Inventory by Dedicated (i.e. existing customers of a Workspace Partner)
Booking Cancellations; Refunds. To the extent you need to cancel a Booking and do so within the cancellation window, you will automatically be refunded the cost of your Booking to your original form of payment. You may cancel a Booking directly within the Wybrid App as long as you are within the cancellation window.

For meeting room and daily workspace Booking such as day passes, made at least one day prior to the Booking date, you must cancel at least 24 hours before the start of your Booking. (24hr prior booking- cancellation window will be 24hrs prior)

For Same-day booking- For meeting room or workspace Bookings made on the same day of the Booking date, you may cancel within 15 minutes of making the Booking. The cancellation window will shut 15 minutes prior to the start of the meeting. (Cancellation window will be 15 minutes from the time of booking, additionally the window will shut 15minutes before the start of the booking)

Once a meeting slot has started, you can make a (15mins into the slot) booking for that slot, but you can’t expect a refund.

Meeting room slots will be 30 mins. You can reach the meeting rooms 5 minutes before and should vacate the meeting room 5 minutes before the meeting ends to allow the next meeting room user to set up the meeting room.