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“Your potential is endless. Go do what you are created to do.”

Working in a shared space can bring great networking opportunities and a co-working space is the best way to initiate that fire to your success. The concept of Co-working spaces is to support start-ups, solo professionals, and entrepreneurs to incline their business to a larger scale. Many successful companies have commenced their journey with offices in co-working spaces around the world.


Wanderfly Travels:

Christy Lui and Evan Schneyer co-founders of Wanderfly Travels started Wanderfly from a co-working, it aimed to be a travel inspiration website helping people plan their budgets and bookings. The CEO of the company took the decision of operating from a co-working space, since he believed in the power of a co-working space offerrings; they started working from a co-working space called Projective Space in Soho, New York. After 1 year of setup, Wanderfly Travels was bought by this gigantic player, Trip Advisor for their immense growth and work culture. That’s a typical story of trust and decision making in co-working that Wanderfly possessed.


Back in 2006 Daniel EK and Martin Lorentzon Introduced us to the Spotify music streaming application. They establish their journey with Rocketspace Co-working space in San Francisco. Spotify is world’s largest music platform in the industry of music with currently 422 million users and 188 million premium users on their portal.


Uber was also developed in a Rocketspace – co-working space by the duo cofounders Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp back in 2011. The thought process of solving taxi problems was thus first thought when they started working at Rocketspace. It then eventually led in the formation of Uber. Today Uber is one of the best transportation applications in the world which started from a co-working space.


HootSuite was launched by cofounders Ryan Holmes, Dario Meli and David Tedman back in 2008. It is a Social Media managing tool, developed at Rocketspace Co-working space in San Francisco. HootSuite is one of the famous success stories of co-working space which has grown into the biggest social media managing platform and is currently valuated at $750 million. The HootSuite Team has publicly communicated the impact of co-working spaces and how it had helped and inspired their company to be successful worldwide.


PhonePe was cofounded by Sameer Nigam in December 2015 who was an ex-employee at Flipkart and now has launched one of the finest apps for online payment to make lives simpler. It is a Digital payments platform which is the largest leading transaction app in today with 165 million monthly active users. Co-working space have a great impact on the community; the team of professionals work under the same roof and promote a collaborative growth of all inmates.

Co-working spaces are the flash point of innovations, productivity and creative ideas; it is the best place to connect with people from different fields. From understanding every challenge, we face in a workplace and proving rational and customized solutions with its co-working space.