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Co-working industry is known for its innovations and the keeping up with trends approach. This is the main reason for the massive success that this industry enjoys, Co-working broke the norms of traditional isolated systems of working and bought potential entrepreneurs together in a space they could co-create. Co-working spaces give room to auxiliary initiatives which are necessary for business performance to cater to the demands of the new-age entrepreneurs. Creating a subterfuge vibe and gathering a tribe that values innovation.


Connecting with Mother Nature/Making work life more sustainable:

The goal of co-working spaces is to create a positive and sustainable work environment. And for sustainability the first step leads towards greenery, Co-working spaces are adapting to build green interiors which means using saplings as corporate décor items. Breathe fresh and stay destressed with maximum oxygen supply inside your office. They also are attempting a reduction in their carbon footprint by recycling paper and carbon waste. Co-working space also uses LEED certification which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design which provides cost-saving green infrastructures. Maintaining a workspace with new design concepts and attractive interiors is setting new trends in the infra space.

Business Solutions:

Co-working spaces are no longer only restricted to space services, they have taken one step ahead in offering a 360-degree solution. Co-working spaces are also set to offer business solutions. These business solutions can be IT, HR, Finance, and Marketing. The 4 important departments which a company is deemed to hold. Co-working spaces take care of these activities like payroll management, IT services, Advertising etc so that you can concentrate on your product while they take care of your employees.

Tight-knit Community:

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.”

Co-working spaces manage a friendly environment that encourages people to bond with one another and to come together as a community. This is done by organizing creative events, team-building activities, and conducting business workshops. Co-working allows individuals to open wings and make them feel comfortable working in the space. Community engagement can also bring client engagement to your business.

Real Estate on Demand:

Recently, there has been a boost in the (ESG) factors Environmental Social and Governance getting incorporated into commercial real estate transactions. However, we know co-working gets in more clients into the business mentality this has become a key element to be investing in real estate. There is a massive opportunity for this business to grow and establish itself in commercial real estate. It also helps to save them from paying a huge amount of rent; it is the most suitable choice for millennials and working professionals of all fields.

Digital Marketing:

Last but not least. Just like real estate, co-working has also adopted digital marketing quite fast. As co-working spaces and search engine trends are increasing so are the efforts of digital marketing. No matter what the put-on value the managers and the owners already know that it pays off in a long run. Investing in Google ads, SEO India and search engines are worth it. Co-working is defining re-inventing these trends.

The number of co-working spaces worldwide is projected to reach around 20,000 this year and cross over 40,000 by 2024. Above mention trends are the major reasons why people are influenced by co-working spaces and are getting people future ready. It has been estimated that almost 5 million people will be working from co-working spaces by 2024, that’s an increase of 158% compared to 2020.